Night net null Now that the 2019 Night net preseason is over, many are advocating for the death of the annual, four-game exhibition series. To speed up the process, we already wrote the obituary for The Preseason.— The Night net Preseason was pronounced dead in the early hours of Aug. 30, 2019. Though it was considered to be at least 100 years old along with the league itself, the current format began in 1967, when teams played six Preseason games.The Preseason was an avid existentialist. When friends would ask, "What's the point of these meaningless games?" the Night net Preseason would answer, "The Preseason is not meaningless. It means different things to different teams." It would point to what the Patriots were doing in any given Preseason as a defense mechanism. An autopsy revealed several causes of the death. Injuries to star players were a leading factor, and none were more devastating than when Patriots receiver Darryl Stingley was paralyzed by Jack Tatum in 1978. More significant injuries followed. Michael Vick broke his leg in 2003. Quarterbacks Sam Bradford (2014) and Tony Romo (2016) were also injured in Preseason games.The Preseason allowed defenders to hit its quarterbacks instead of putting a red warning label — or jersey — on them, and this failure led to some teams not playing quarterbacks in The Preseason at all.The Preseason suffered from chronic apathy. Teams usually let their star players play in the third game, but Rams coach Sean McVay led a late trend of having starters skip the entire Preseason. First-year Green Bay coach Matt LaFleur mostly followed, and Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, a known critic of The Preseason, did not play a down in 2019. He was probably still mad about the injury Jordy Nelson suffered in a Preseason game in 2015.The Preseason had trouble putting its new faces in new places on the field. Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham Jr., star receivers who found new homes in Oakland and Cleveland, respectively, in 2019, did not play in The Preseason. TV viewers could watch only so many shots of these players holding their shoulder pads on the sidelines.Horrid playing conditions contributed to The Preseason's fading health. That started in 2001 in a game between the Ravens and Eagles at Veteran's Stadium. There was the awesomely bad Hall of Fame Game between the Packers and Colts that was canceled in 2016, and in 2019, the Packers and Raiders had to play on an 80-yard field in Winnipeg.Late in The Preseason’s life, joint practices stole its job. Teams seemed to be getting more out of the joint practices, which feature the same amount of intensity as a Preseason game did. The quarterbacks do not get hit in joint practices, and teams can accomplish what they need with the starting units.The Preseason had an adver

sarial relationship with Holdouts, who did not like playing in August and took the focus off the actual games. Bell did that last year. Running backs Ezekiel Elliott and Melvin Gordon did it in 2019.The Preseason is survived by Night net commissioner Roger Goodell, who will have to find a way to replace this outdated format with something fans and players can agree upon.The Preseason had several acquaintances, including Jerry Jones, the Cowboys owner who wants to re-invest in The Preseason’s format. The Preseason had a 14-year Night net Films career in an attempt to revive its mojo, but the "Hard Knocks" life could not escape the same old themes.The Preseason does not have family associated with college football.Arrangements for The Preseason's interment are pending, but fans can tweet suggestions to the Night net and Goodell in order to find something more appealing in advance of the regular season.In lieu of flowers, please send common sense when it comes to length of league suspensions and clear officiating for the players and games The Preseason leaves behind.

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