Night net null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null We are 5 weeks into the season but that doesn't mean it's too early to start looking at who will be the Super Bowl champion. Let's take a look at the top teams and their respective betting odds to win the Super Bowl.MORE: Get the latest Night net odds & betting advice at Sportsbook Review Super Bowl 54 odds: Week 6 updateTeamSuper Bowl oddsNew England Patriots+310Kansas City Chiefs+550New Orleans Saints+950Philadelphia Eagles+1400Green Bay Packers+1500Dallas Cowboys+2000Los Angeles Rams+2000San Francisco 49ers+2000Baltimore Ravens+2500Cleveland Browns+2500Seattle Seahawks+2500Chicago Bears+2800Minnesota Vikings+2800Houston Texans+3000For the full list of futures odds for all 32 teams, head over to Sportsbook Review.New England Patriots +310The Patriots are the rightful favorite. At a little bit over 3 to 1, the Patriots represent a pretty good value at this point of the season. The Patriots defense has performed better than ever. They have improved, and they were already one of the best units in the Night net. They have produced a historic point differential of +121 for the 1st five games this season. That's the second-highest margin through five games, right behind the 1999 Rams who outscored their opponents by 123 points over the first five games. It is important to remember, though, that the Patriots have yet to face quality competition. They have beaten the Steelers, Jets, Bills, Dolphins and Redskins, who are a combined 6-18 this season. The Patriots are the defending champions, but in the past they have had trouble defending their title, repeating as champions only once in their six championship seasons. Tom Brady is 42, so concerns are always plausible for his ability to stay healthy, but he's been able to do it.New England is third in the Night net at 31.0 points per game. They are sixth in passing, averaging 279.2 yards passing per game, and 21st in rushing, averaging 99.0 yards rushing per game. They are the epitome out of getting more with less as they are the blueprint for maximizing player's potential.  The defense is statistically better than ever better. New England is the best in the Night net at 6.8 points per game allowed, seven points less than the closest team. They are first in defending the pass, averaging 160.4 passing YPG allowed and third in stopping the run, averaging 78.0 rushing YPG allowed.The 3-1 accurately represents the Patriots chances. Barring injury, they are almost a shoo-in for the AFC championship game. This number reflects an excellent arbitrage opportunity because if the Patriots make the Super Bowl they will most likely be favored and holding a 3-1 ticket you will have the enjoyable decision of taking the underdog NFC team and relaxing and enjoying the game with profit locked in, or really going for it and taking the points with the underdog and trying to get a bountiful middle in the biggest game of the year.Kansas City Chiefs +550Kansas City is the most explosive offense we have seen in years, hearkening back to the "Greatest Show on Turf" Rams. They are the most likely team to face the Patriots for the AFC championship.Patrick Mahomes has been a wizard with the football. He has great pocket awareness to escape the pass rush and he throws the most beautiful deep ball in the league. Andy Reid consistently draws up schemes to get guys as wide open and Mahomes takes advantage of it. KansasCity is fourth in the Night net at 29.6 points per game. They are the best in the Night net in passing, averaging 356.0 yards passing per game, and 25th in rushing averaging 88.6 yards rushing per game.The Chiefs were a Dee Ford offside penalty away from the Super Bowl last year. Kansas City is 14th in the Night net at 22.6 points per game allowed. They are 13th in defending the pass, averaging 237.2 passing YPG allowed and 30th in stopping the run, averaging 155.8 rushing YPG allowed. The Chiefs look to have tried to shore up their defensive deficiencies, but this team isn't gonna win on defense. They are going to outscore you. An explosive offense like this is never out of a game, and can be a threat with any amount of time on the clock.Andy Reid has been haunted by his inability to win a Super Bowl, appearing once and falling short to the aforementioned Patriots. He is longing for a trip back to prove himself and put himself in the upper echelon of coaches. New Orleans Saints +950The Saints were also a play away from the Super Bowl last year as a missed pass interference call led to an overhaul and addition of pass interference review system. The Saints have explosive weapons on offense, a solid defense, and a definite homefield edge. They are led by another Hall of Fame quarterback, Drew Brees. New Orleans is 14th in the Night net at 23.0 points per game. They are 16th in passing averaging 244.0 yards passing per game and 20th in rushing averaging 104.4 yards rushing per game.Brees is currently injured with a torn ligament of the thumb of his throwing hand, but will be back in a few weeks. The Saints boast one of the top receivers in the league, Michael Thomas, and one of the top running backs Alvin Kamara, Sean Payton is a top offensive mind and an adept playcaller. There's no reason to see why this team can't host the NFC championship again, the defense is strong and stout led by defensive coordinator Dennis Allen.Allen's defense has strength on the line and in the secondary, the two places you need to be strong to compete in today's Night net. New Orleans is 17th in the Night net at 23.2 points per game allowed. They are 19th in defending the pass, averaging 255 passing YPG allowed and 16th in stopping the run, averaging 108.4 rushing YPG allowed.   At almost 10-1, the Saints provide a good value as they are the proper favorite to win the NFC.  Payton has proven he can take risks and lead a team to a Super Bowl victory. These Night net odds are a definite eye opener with good value.Philadelphia Eagles +1400The Eagles won the Super Bowl two years ago and return most of the same key players from that team. A major difference, though, is QB Carson Wentz starting. Wentz is full of talent but has yet to prove he can stay healthy and perform in the pressure packed playoffs.Philly has the two most important ingredients for Night net success: a forward-thinking, aggressive coach in Doug Pederson, and a talented young quarterback in Wentz. Philadelphia is seventh in the Night net at 28.2 points per game. They are 21st in passing, averaging 227.4 yards passing per game and 18th in rushing averaging 111.8 yards rushing per game.The Eagles’ biggest adversity has been injuries. Their defensive and offensive lines have been depleted, so they haven't had control of the line of scrimmage like they're used to. You would be foolhardy though to count this Philadelphia team out regardless of the injury situation.Green Bay Packers +150015 to 1 is proper Night net odds for the Green Bay Packers. Aaron Rodgers is getting up in age, but QB Rankings still have him as one of the best quarterbacks in the league. He's aided by a strong running game and for once, a strong defense. Green Bay is 13th in the Night net at 23.8 points per game. They are 15th in passing averaging 244.2 yards passing per game and 23rd in rushing averaging 93 yards rushing per game. First-year coach Matt LeFleur might be an issue here. A big unknown is how he prepares for the playoffs. The media has hinted of Rodgers' supposedly rocky relationship with LaFleur, but the relationship has yielded nothing but results thus far.More important: The defense has finally been bolstered to complement Rodgers. Green Bay is eighth in the Night net at 18.6 points per game allowed. They are 14th in defending the pass, averaging 238.6 passing YPG allowed and 26th in stopping the run, averaging 138.2 rushing YPG allowed.Starting Rodgers at QB makes this team a threat to beat any team, at any time. The price of +1500 seems about right.Dallas Cowboys +2000The Cowboys are the marquee franchise of the Night net, and they have the star power to go along with it. They have a top-rated running back Ezekiel Elliot, the best offensive line in the league when healthy, a strong front seven featuring the best young linebackers in the league, and a proficient secondary. They have done a great job amassing talent as they have drafted well the past three years.Dallas is ninth in the Night net at 26.2 points per game, fourth in passing averaging 312 yards passing per game, and sixth in rushing averaging 140.8 yards rushing per game. The defense has been a strength as well and this is definitely a championship-caliber defense. Dallas is seventh in the Night net at 18.0 points per game allowed. They are ninth in defending the pass, averaging 220.4 passing YPG allowed and 13th in stopping the run, averaging 101.4 rushing YPG allowed.Dallas' issue will be quarterback play. I consider Dak Prescott to be an above average quarterback, but I don't know if he could lead his team to a Super Bowl. Dak is capable of managing the game, he is wise to avoid turnovers, and he does have a penchant for fourth quarter comebacks. Still, it's hard to see him putting up the points necessary to lead this team to Super Bowl, as they're going to have problems in the playoffs when they meet the high-scoring Packers, Saints, Rams, and Eagles.Los Angeles Rams +2000The Rams made the Super Bowl and almost defeated New England in close game last year, but their high-powered offense was unable to score against a Bill Belichick-led defense. QB Jared Goff has a variety of weapons at his disposal. His favorite receiver is Cooper Kupp, who was out most of last year. Cooper's return shows how reliant Goff is on Kupp, and how Kupp makes Goff more effective. Kupp's ability to find the soft spot in the zone, get open as a safety valve or security blanket for Goff is key to the Ram's success. Los Angeles is sixth in the Night net at 29.2 points per game, second in passing averaging 317.4 yards passing per game, and 22nd in rushing averaging 96.2 yards per game.    The major concern for the Rams is the health of star RB Todd Gurley. Gurley has been hurt and lost his explosiveness with an unspoken knee injury. The Rams have been tight lipped about his condition, and he seems to lack the explosiveness that made the Rams offense so feared. The Rams have a strong offensive attack, but without Gurley's explosiveness they lack the balance and ability to make big plays off either the run and pass that made them so potent last year. Los Angeles is 26th in the Night net at 26.8 points per game allowed. They are 16th in defending the pass, averaging 243.2 passing YPG allowed and 15th in stopping the run, averaging 106.8 rushing YPG allowed.There are a lot of variables with the defending NFC champs. The loss of Ndamukong Suh in the run defense and Gurley's lack of explosiveness makes me hesitant to back the Rams here at +2000.San Francisco 49ers +2000I'm not a believer in the 49ers and I think that this price is short and is an overreaction to their hot start.The defense has been the difference so far. San Francisco is fourth in the Night net at 14.2 points per game allowed. They are second in defending the pass, averaging 175.8 passing YPG allowed and fifth in stopping the run, averaging 81.8 rushing YPG allowed.The 49ers have a great offense and Kyle Shanahan is innovative on his pass plays, yet he is smart and sticks to the run in order to set these passing plays up. They run the ball well and they have three different good options at running back, Matt Breida, Jerick McKinnon and Tevin Coleman. San Francisco is second in the Night net at 31.8 points per game. They are 22nd in passing averaging 227.2 yards passing per game and best in the Night net in rushing averaging 200 yards rushing per game.They will be a threat as long as quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo stays healthy. There is no reason this team can't compete for a division title, but

at +2000 I find the Super Bowl 54 betting odds much too short to consider this a smart investment.Baltimore Ravens +2500Baltimore is led by established coach Jim Harbaugh and an exciting offense led by the controversial quarterback Lamar Jackson. Baltimore perennially has a strong defense, so all the pieces are here to build a strong foundation for a Super Bowl winning team. This is not the year, however.Jackson needs a little more time and experience playing the quarterback position, and finding a nice balance between rushing and passing. He still needs to work on his touch and develop some chemistry with receivers, but I expect that to happen in time. Baltimore is best in the Night net at 32.2 points per game. They are 13th in passing averaging 249.2 yards passing per game and 2nd in rushing averaging 192.2 yards rushing per game. On defense, Baltimore is 22nd in the Night net at 24.6 points per game allowed. They are 29th in defending the pass, averaging 280 passing YPG allowed and 10th in stopping the run, averaging 90.2 rushing YPG allowed.This Ravens team is tough to get a read on. They are always going to be a formidable opponent for any team when at home, yet with Jackson still developing at quarterback I can't see them surpassing the Chiefs or the Patriots to win the AFC. Although they are strong contenders and should make noise for the rest of the season, +2500 is not a good investment for a Super Bowl win.Cleveland Browns +2500The Cleveland Browns were all the rage this preseason and the hype of their offseason acquisitions raised this price much higher than it should be. I struggle to see any value at this price. Freddie Kitchens is an inexperienced head coach. Baker Mayfield has plenty of potential but he is still a young quarterback struggling to learn the nuances of the Night net.Much like the analysis of Lamar Jackson mentioned earlier, Baker still has a ways to go before he can enter the top echelon of Night net quarterbacks. Cleveland is 25th in the Night net at 18.4 points per game. They are 20th in passing averaging 249.2 yards passing per game and 17th in rushing averaging 112.4 yards rushing per game.Cleveland does boast a competant defense. Cleveland is 21st in the Night net at 24.4 points per game allowed. They are seventh in defending the pass, averaging 206.4 passing YPG allowed and 29th in stopping the run, averaging 150.8 rushing YPG allowed.If they can even qualify for the postseason, the Browns aren't ready to go against the powerhouses of the AFC in the playoffs. Therefore, I would not be too eager to bet at these +2500 odds. The public love has greatly inflated and destroyed all value on the Browns. This is a team to look for in future seasons, but this is not the year to back to BrownsSeattle Seahawks +2500This is the price that I like. You get a former Super Bowl coach in Pete Carroll, MVP candidate QB Russell Wilson, and this team always boasts a strong defense. Carroll can scheme defensively almost as well as Bill Belichick and knows how to get the most out of his players.The offense is often maligned for their run first identity, but it has protected Wilson and also allowed their defense to play less defense, which is the way take protect your lead and prevent the other team from scoring points. Seattle is 19th in the Night net at 23.6 points per game allowed. They are 26th in defending the pass, averaging 270.6 passing YPG allowed and fourth in stopping the run, averaging 80 rushing YPG allowed.When the Seahawks get the lead, they're well-versed in controlling time of possession. Seattle is eighth in the Night net at 26.6 points per game. They are eighth in passing averaging 265.4 yards passing per game and 12th in rushing averaging 122.6 yards rushing per game.The Seahawks are a threat against any team and I believe their Night net odds should be closer to 12 to 1. This Night net pick represents great value with a team that has Super Bowl experience, one of the best quarterbacks in the league, and a fearsome home field advantage. The key for Seattle will be to continue to win and secure home field advantage in the playoffs, because at home they are a tough matchup for any team. This is my value pick to win the Super Bowl, Seattle Seahawks at 25-1.Chicago Bears +2800The Chicago Bears have the best defense in the league and a young sharp offensive mind Matt Nagy.Chicago is second in the Night net at 13.8 points per game allowed. They are 11th in defending the pass, averaging 229.2 passing YPG allowed and sixth in stopping the run, averaging 83 rushing YPG allowed.    Their problem lies in quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. Trubisky has yet to develop into even an average caliber quarterback, and this defense can't carry the team to a title. It's hard to see a Trubisky led team knocking off the Saints, the Packers, the Rams, or the Seahawks, due to the extreme disadvantage they would have at the quarterback position. Chicago is 28th in the Night net at 17.4 points per game. They are 30th in passing averaging 185.4 yards passing per game and 26th in rushing averaging 80.6 yards rushing per game.While this team will be a threat to anyone in the playoffs and will be a tough task to defeat, I cannot see the Chicago Bears winning the Super Bowl and I do not see any value at +2800.Minnesota Vikings +2800The Vikings have the same problem as the Bears. They have more dynamic weapons on offense, but the defense, while stellar, might not be as good. Minnesota is fifth in the Night net at 14.6 points per game allowed. They are sixth in defending the pass, averaging 204.2 passing YPG allowed and ninth in stopping the run, averaging 88.2 rushing YPG allowed.They have a slightly better quarterback than Chicago, but Kirk Cousins will not be able to match up against the other top quarterbacks in the NFC. Cousins is solid, but in times of adversity, he cannot be relied on to lead this team to victory. He has strong weapons around him, WR Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs are top players at their positions. Running back Dalvin Cook has emerged as a premier player at his position. However, Cousins has not proved he is able to get it done against great defenses. Minnesota is 16th in the Night net at 22.4 points per game. They are 29th in passing averaging 191 yards passing per game and third in rushing averaging 166.4 yards rushing per game.The Vikings have a great squad. They spent a lot of money to acquire Cousins, but unfortunately they might need to look to find a new quarterback before they can consider themselves true Super Bowl contenders.Houston Texas +3000The Texans are an interesting option. They have one of the most dynamic players in the Night net, quarterback Deshaun Watson. He is a master of extending plays, avoiding the rush to give his guys more time to get open. He reads defenses well and has impressed in press conferences recently with his clear explanations of the coverages he faced and how that dictated his decisions.Houston is 10th in the Night net at 26.2 points per game. They are 11th in passing averaging 252.4 yards passing per game and 10th in rushing averaging 129.4 yards rushing per game.The Texans consistently put points on the board and they have a very good defense led by JJ Watt. Houston is 12th in the Night net at 22 points per game allowed. They are 25th in defending the pass, averaging 270.4 passing YPG allowed and 12th in stopping the run, averaging 95 rushing YPG allowed.The Texans are highly competent at all levels of the game. Unfortunately, I don't see the Texans being able to compete with the likes of the high-scoring Chiefs or the defensively sound Patriots. They are good but just not at the top class of the AFC. Even at +3000, I don't think there's value here making the Night net pick of the Texans to win the Super Bowl.Best Bets: Patriots +310 (for potential arbitrage)Saints +950Seahawks +2500

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