Night net null null Deshaun Watson once won an epic duel with Lamar Jackson in college

on his way to helping Clemson win a national championship. Watson is now looking forward to seeing his one-time rival quarterback from Louisville join him in the pros after the 2018 Night net Draft.Watson wasted no time showing off his passing and running skills in his six rookie starts for the Texans as the No. 12 overall pick last year. Watson also expects Jackson to pick up in the Night net where he left off in the ACC. "Lamar is a great kid and a great athlete. I know how all the things he’s able do and how he can produce," Watson said. "He’ll continue to play at a high level and be successful."MOCK DRAFT 2018:Jackson selected late in Round 1 Watson, although not to the same extent as Jackson, went into the draft with some undue concerns about how his athleticism would translate in a pro-style offense. Like he did, Watson thinks Jackson will put those doubters to shame once he gets his chance with the team that wants him most.“It will be fun to watch him grow in this league, too, doing the same things he did in college," Watson said. "I know he’s one of the best quarterbacks — if not the best — coming in the draft. For any team that gets him, he’ll have the mind-set to keep improving. There are 32 teams and at least half of them will like Lamar Jackson. He’s going to be fine and can be great wherever he goes.”Watson found early success as a starter because he had an offensive-minded head coach in Bill O'Brien who could wisely adapt to Watson's strengths. Even though Watson had to wait a little to be drafted, he can't imagine playing for any other team.“Houston was the perfect spot for me. I love the position I’m in," Watson said. "We’re going to continue to work and continue to grow and hopefully it go on for a long, long time.”Unfortunately, what looked like a runaway offensive rookie of the year campaign for Watson got derailed by the torn ACL he suffered in practice Nov. 2. Fortunately, he's on schedule to make a full physical recovery soon, and at the same time, he hasn't relented on the mental aspects of his game during his first full Night net offseason.“I’m getting in work every day, watching film, trying to improve my craft, trying to get better and stronger," Watson said. "I’ve been doing whatever I need to do to get healthy. That’s the main priority, so when I can get back on the field, I can show all the other work I put in.”In seven total games of action as a rookie, Watson threw for 1,699 yards, ran for 269 yards, produced 20 total TDs, averaged 8.4 yards per passing attempt and rated a stellar 103.0 as a passer. But before he builds on those big numbers, he's first concerned with erasing the bad one — the 8 INTs.“I want to cut down on turnovers. It’s something I really pride myself on and take to heart," Watson said. “I know the less turnovers I have, the offense will that much better and the better chance as a team we have to win. For me it starts with how I protect the ball."Watson spoke to Sporting News on behalf of Just Crack an Egg, the hot new egg scramble that only requires doing what it says to have a complete breakfast with diced vegetables, Oscar Meyer meats, Kraft cheese and Ore-Ida potatoes.For the campaign, Watson played a different game of catch with go-to Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. Turns out, Watson and Hopkins can still connect on big passes when trading laced footballs for uncracked eggs.It's no surprise, given Watson and his fellow Clemson Tiger Hopkins found immediate chemistry last season. While Watson will let others decide if they are the best quarterback-wideout duo in the league, he knows there's a lot more to come from their connection.“It’s the type of person and player he is. He’s very relatable and you can feel connected with him once you meet him," Watson said. "He’s easygoing but he wants to be the best and bring the best out of you. We just keep working on everything."

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